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Monday, Schmonday.

Ahh yes. Good ol Monday, we meet again. What is better than a regular old Monday? A rain-soaked Monday. When the rain hangs on the window panes like a blanket, I am forced inside. It’s these sopping wet, sunless Monday’s that  I find myself exploring the dark alleys of my brain. Wandering around, picking up… Continue reading Monday, Schmonday.


Typical Alyssa

Hey ya'll! I'm late. I know! I get it. But honestly, get used to it. I'm always late. OK!? I get caught up in things, sidetracked and swept away-typical Alyssa. In this post you will find out a few other Typical Alyssa traits and qualities. In all honestly, I have a lot going on and… Continue reading Typical Alyssa