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A Wannabe Mathlete

**Disclaimer: Sorry mom and dad-I swear. But what's important to remember here is that I love you. And granny pods aren't free.** You know, I used to think to myself “I wish I were just good at math.” Math seemed like the easiest means to an end. You are good at math, you go to… Continue reading A Wannabe Mathlete

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Hi Ya'll! So, I've finally decided I am going to try and take this talent of mine to the big time. As in...make it my job. Schlepping papers in an industry that waters down the fire in my soul has gotten old, my friends. It's time to move.  So here is the deal, I am… Continue reading Pre-Pro-Portfolio


Tarot Cards, Leaps and Lemonade

On a rainy December night in 2015, Dawn and I drove up to a house on the river to find a man with a pony tail filling a U-Haul. Normally, this would be a red flag and we would keep driving-but I needed answers. We pulled up, rolled down the window and asked if he… Continue reading Tarot Cards, Leaps and Lemonade


Just keep driving.

When it first started, it was great. I took a leap of faith, a huge pay cut and dove in 110%. I was excited. I was devoted. I couldn't wait to be a part of something great. It wasn't long before I realized I had been hoodwinked. I realized that even though something is pretty… Continue reading Just keep driving.