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I. am addicted. Not to one thing. But many. to. every. thing. I am addicted to a freshly made bed. And the first sleep thereafter. How it feels when your feet part the sheets like they are slicing open a long-anticipated letter from an old friend. I am addicted to the way a dogs entire… Continue reading Addicted.

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Hi Ya'll! So, I've finally decided I am going to try and take this talent of mine to the big time. As in...make it my job. Schlepping papers in an industry that waters down the fire in my soul has gotten old, my friends. It's time to move.  So here is the deal, I am… Continue reading Pre-Pro-Portfolio

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Monday, Schmonday.

Ahh yes. Good ol Monday, we meet again. What is better than a regular old Monday? A rain-soaked Monday. When the rain hangs on the window panes like a blanket, I am forced inside. It’s these sopping wet, sunless Monday’s that  I find myself exploring the dark alleys of my brain. Wandering around, picking up… Continue reading Monday, Schmonday.


Just The Right Shade.

My whole life, with everything, the grass has always been greener. No matter the circumstances, I always felt like there had to be something better. God himself could have picked me up and dropped me straight into the Garden of Eden and I’d sit there thinking “but…..if this exists there must be something better and… Continue reading Just The Right Shade.