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500 Words-Day 2 | The Non Adventures of Alyssa

An interesting tidbit about me – I am a big fan of adventuring. I love them. I have a bucket list a quarter mile long full of all the places I want to go, Instagram worthy walls I want to pose in front of, and food I want to try right after I take a… Continue reading 500 Words-Day 2 | The Non Adventures of Alyssa

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500 Words-Day 1 | Wannabe Mathlete

** Let me start this by letting you know, this is a project I am working on and holding myself accountable for through this blog and its auto share to Facebook. I am kind of regretting it already because I'm not good at these things. See I Quit Everything-Aly Tinn. Anyways- 500 words a day… Continue reading 500 Words-Day 1 | Wannabe Mathlete

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Monday, Schmonday.

Ahh yes. Good ol Monday, we meet again. What is better than a regular old Monday? A rain-soaked Monday. When the rain hangs on the window panes like a blanket, I am forced inside. It’s these sopping wet, sunless Monday’s that  I find myself exploring the dark alleys of my brain. Wandering around, picking up… Continue reading Monday, Schmonday.