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Monday, Schmonday.

Ahh yes. Good ol Monday, we meet again. What is better than a regular old Monday? A rain-soaked Monday. It’s these sopping wet, sunless Monday’s that I find myself exploring the dark alleys of my brain. Wandering around, picking up the pieces of crumpled up notebook paper to see what discarded thoughts I tossed aside. … Continue reading Monday, Schmonday.


Just the right shade.

My whole life, with everything, the grass has always been greener. No matter the circumstances, I always felt like there had to be something better. God himself could have picked me up and dropped me straight into the Garden of Eden and I’d sit there thinking “but…..if this exists there must be something better and… Continue reading Just the right shade.



It's Tuesday night and I can't sleep. I guess technically at this point, it is Wednesday morning. A new day-already. And I am here, wide awake, to welcome it. It’s nights like this my mind wanders far and wide. Spanning the range of possibilities and impossibilities. I think about things both ridiculous and authentic. Random and reasoned. Chaotic and calm. My imagination… Continue reading Fishing.


Typical Alyssa.

Hey ya'll! I'm late. I know! I get it. But honestly, get used to it. I'm always late. OK!? I get caught up in things, sidetracked and swept away-typical Alyssa. In this post you will find out a few other Typical Alyssa traits and qualities. In all honestly, I have a lot going on and… Continue reading Typical Alyssa.