The Girl

Name’s Alyssa. Or Aly. Never Lissie. I am 31 years ancient and currently I reside in the CT suburbs with my bearded babe, Nick. East coast born, bred, and till I’m dead. I have a deep-seated love for Dunkin Donuts, changing my hair color, Target dollar bins, anything with Chorizo, and 2005 Fall Out Boy. Pretty normal stuff.

I have spent the last 6 years roaming around the corporate world trying to find a place to call home. I’ve landed in a few cool places, picked up some useful skills, and rather quickly decided this shit isn’t for me. I’ve made the ultimate (and petrifying) decision that the 9-5 Administrative Assistant grind has no spot on my vision board.

So..we move. I’d suggest you settle in, because this road is certainly going to be bumpy. But I can guarantee you it will be entertaining. Will I make it, or will I hit 32 and run desperate back into the arms of my estranged Corporate World lover? Find out in next weeks episode…


Aly Tinn