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500 Words- Day 6| Just Bad Luck, Eh?

**You’re getting 302 words today. This is a draft from before I set off on this adventure and I wanted to share.**

So I’ve had some bad luck. Or, I guess you could say I made one bad choice that led to quite a bit of bad luck in my career. I left the first job I ever had looking for new opportunities and have just kind of been tumbling downhill ever since. Every now and then I think I’ve found a stick to grab on to, stop my fall and steady myself but inevitably that stick breaks (or I snap it intentionally) and off I go again.

I am going to chalk it up to “bad luck” because I know, eventually, bad luck is followed with some good luck. Good luck is coming! It’s just that…sometimes it’s hard to see straight through all the tumbling. Your vision (and self-worth) can get confused. Messy. Discombobulated. And it’s easy to get discouraged after the latest round of endless applying with zero interest. You let that queasy feeling settle in and make itself at home in the pit of your stomach. Your resume is only getting uglier with each pit stop you make along the way. You wish you could be the person who works just for pay and doesn’t let the monotony affect you to your core.

You’re 31 and the clock keeps ticking.


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