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Sunday Vibes

Describe a Sunday, he said…

So I did.

The perfect day.   

Birds are chirping their wake-up calls, but there is no reason to get out of bed. The hug from the white linen duvet is convincing and holds you in place. The sun paints the sky a fiery collection of oranges and reds, opening the day with a bang and welcoming a new adventure. Its warmth sneaks through the curtains where the breeze causes them to dance. The morning unfolds slowly, taking its time. Everything else follows suit.    

The smell of fresh laundry sweeps through the neighborhood only interrupted by the strong scent of black coffee. Children chase each other in the yard, kicking up dew left by the moon, completely unaware of the butterfly in tow. A baby blue sky filled with meringue clouds seems to go on forever. The breeze that made the curtains dance strikes a chord with the trees outside, swaying back and forth like a metronome- keeping time for natures song. The hammock dances along, beckoning for a partner. 

Everything moves in slow motion when there is no place to be. The only thing on the daily to-do list is don’t. Untethered to the hustle and bustle, there are no cabs to hail, to busses to catch, and no places to be. Phones are silenced, computers turned off, completely disconnected. The only sounds that fill the air are those of laughter, good conversation, and the occasional buzz of honeybees at work.  The smell of dinner wafts out the kitchen window, enticing neighbors to turn into visitors. The day ends as the sun waves goodbye, using the sky as it’s canvas-a collection of cotton candy colors. 


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