30, Flirty and Thriving

Guys- It’s official. I am no longer in my twenties. Today is the day that I cross over into that territory where it gets really hard to pretend you aren’t an adult. It’s go time.

My twenties were…interesting. I feel like if I had to choose a meme to describe my twenties it would be the confused Mr. Krabz (old people click here).  While a decent portion of that era was a shit show, literally and figuratively, it is these ten years that broke me down and forced me to figure it out. From the ground up.

In my twenties, I did a lot. And it seems like for every down, there was an up that caught up to me eventually.

  • Almost failed out of college but eventually graduated from CCSU (even made Dean’s List once or twice…once.).
  • Lost some friends, but lucked into a group that fills that empty spot and then some.
  • Lived (failed) in Boston but moved home and bought a house that Nick and I turned into a home. At exactly 1/3 the cost.
  • Let go of the bullying nonsense I kept with me for way too long, threw caution to the wind and took my first blog live on Tumblr. I eventually even got hired to write! (LOOK AT ME NOW all you butt heads who used to send me home crying!)
  • Lost/gained/lost/gained and lost (for real this time) 50 pounds but in the process, I realized it isn’t how other people view me, but that I am happy with myself. And I am most happy sitting comfortable in a booth shoveling tacos into my mouth, not wasting valuable time on an elliptical.
  • Shaved my mother’s head (Breast Cancer is a real bitch) but 8 years later she’s killin the game with a head of hair almost as nice as mine.
  • Had my heart broken more than once, built a wall and hid behind it for a while until I sniped my Prince Charming from an Instagram post. (Any girls out there reading this, there are a whole lotta stinky, cheatin, grimy ass fish in the sea who will pretend to love you for years. Then one day they won’t and you’ll lose hope. You’ll blame yourself until the day you meet the right guy. And you’ll realize those weren’t men and that wasn’t love. You’ll LOL your fine ass all the way to the alter to marry your bearded, loyal af bae. Trust me-chin up.) 
  • Struggled with a career path and I worked a lot of places. Revays’, Golden Irenes, Boston Beer Works, Framingham Board of Health, Dymotek, Beauty Entourage, Cinder + Salt and now Lisa Scheff Designs. Honestly, I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.

I saw my favorite artists perform multiple times, cut off all my hair and dyed it through the rainbow, and danced the night away (on several occasions. Sometimes while eating Doritos). I  witnessed a Football Sunday in California, chair danced in Little Italy and spoke Spanish in Barcelona. I was carried out of bars, carried my friends out of bars and went to work on zero hours of sleep (and 100 hours of party). I got into fights and fell in love. I lost friends and loved ones but also watched some of my favorite people add to this world.

It’s been a wild ride and I wouldn’t go back if I was given the chance. I’m perfectly fine (ecstatic, actually) to be leaving my twenties in the past. It was shitty. It was fun. It was messy. It was wild. But most importantly, it is over.

Thanks to everyone who made my last weekend in my twenties amazing. Here’s to the next ten.





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