It’s Tuesday night and I can’t sleep. I guess technically at this point, it is Wednesday morning. A new day-already. And I am here, wide awake, to welcome it.

It’s nights like this my mind wanders far and wide. Spanning the range of possibilities and impossibilities. I think about things both ridiculous and authentic. Random and reasoned. Chaotic and calm. My imagination casts its lines into the dark while I make a panicked attempt to reel them back in before the sun rises. It becomes impossible to keep up-another night awake.

It’s nights like this that fill my iPhone with notes. The glow from its screen lights up the room as I store my latest catch inside. Pages and pages full-collected and packed away for later dates.  After each, I place the phone face down hoping it is for the last time. I turn my back and close my eyes, ready to sleep.  But nights like tonight, closing my eyes baits another line and it isn’t long until the room lights up- still awake.

It’s nights like this I move to the couch as to not disturb my little family. Untangle myself from our bed, grab my green pillow and head down the hall.  I let my boys sleep while I find that comfortable spot on the couch. It is familiar and cozy, my place deep in the corner of this couch. I nestle in and do what I do best. Bait a hook, cast a line and see where it lands. Turn thoughts into notes and notes into the words you eventually read.

While you count sheep, I am fishing.



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