Hey there- Alyssa here! Checking in!

2017 has been one hell of a year and it’s only February! If you have been following along, I am currently the Part-Time Employed/Looking For Full-Time Employment Bride Next Door. Leaving a job is a scary thing by itself. Add in the realization that you are now just 365 days away from your wedding (and cutting a fat check) makes it even scarier. But somehow, I’m still smiling! I can’t explain it, but for some reason this all just feels right. So…ONWARD!

As some of you may know, Nick and I did decide on a venue. We visited a few, but I was very (very, very, very, very) picky. I wanted a rustic feel, while also being fabulous. There needed to be awesome food because I have been to too many weddings where food was terrible and, as you know, we love food. I also NEEDED (no ifs, ands, or buts) to be the ONLY bride the entire day. It’s MY day and I’m not sharing it with some other girl who happens to think its her day too. Nope. 2/10/2018 is mine. I called it.

A few other factors we required? A huge dance floor, on-site ceremony, ability to customize but not have to DIY everything, local hotel aaaanddd…a late night taco bar. Farmington Gardens provides all of this and more without even lifting a finger.

So check that off our list: we picked a venue.

What have Nick and I completed other than picking our super beautiful, fabulous, exclusive, most perfect ever venue you ask?

Great question. Not much.

I “proposed” to my bridesmaids with some awesome DIY makeup bags and sugar scrub (caution: shower becomes a slip and slide when using). Nick and I have reached out to a few photographers (with Lauren O. Events input and recommendations), started talking about our Save The Dates, decided on who will do our ceremony (my awesome Uncle George), likely found a florist (again thanks to Lauren- the heaven-sent, angel-faced gift to this planet earth) and dodged working on a guest list like professionals. We are dodge, dip, dive, duck, and dodging the hell out of that. Mostly because it scares me. Like, Hatfield-McCoy fight starting scared. But it’s next on our list…

Want more details on our planning status, check out Lauren O’s latest blog post right here!

Stay tuned for the next Bride Next Door blog post! Till then, I’ll be Pinteresting and tackling both guest lists and job applications!





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