The Bride Next Door

Guys- I’m so freaking excited to announce this project I am working on with a friend of mine! Lauren at Lauren O. Events asked me to be her featured Bride-to-Be in her new blog series :The Bride Next Door!

Honesty hour – wedding planning is scary as hell. And confusing. And stressful. It is like being tasked with a job in Astrophysics, but you’re a dog groomer. And everyone who means anything to you (ever in your entire life) will be critiquing your finished project. From soup to nuts. Oh, and it’s going to cost a small fortune. No sweat! You’ve go this. We’ve got this.

In this series, you will  follow along with me as I plan my wedding. From nearly passing out at our proposal to dancing our tootsies off at our reception and everything in between!

Please join me for this ride, and engage with us as I am sure there are lots of other Bride-To-Be ladies out there stressing about DJs, food choices, and your crazy Uncle Tom who can’t sit with your crazy Aunt Martha because of that thing that happened with the Jello back in 1992.

We are all in the same boat. You are not alone! Let’s start a Bride Tribe and kick some wedding planning ass (with a little help from Lauren)!

Just call me, The Bride Next Door!

Follow along here: Lauren O Events Blog


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