Growing, Growing, Gone. Sayonara, 2016.

Yeah, I get it. 2016 was quite a year. A lot of talented people passed away and some pretty terrible things happened.  But honestly, I think at the end of every year we swear it away like it was the worst one yet. Sure a lot of unfortunate things happened this year, but we always have tunnel vision. Didn’t we hate 2015 too? Probably 2014? Name one year that when December 31st came around we were begging “NO! Please don’t go!”

Never. Hasn’t happened. We’re always ready for the next one. A clean slate.

For me  2016 was a pretty good year. Right before it started someone convinced me to stop being such a wuss. Stop being held back by previous events in my life. Let TF go! Live. Be present. 

So I did. I danced more than ever and truly embraced those Elaine-esque moves I was blessed with. I opened up and made some of my best friends. I dyed my hair blonde, then pink, then purple. I got real about my anxiety and realized that this, right here, is one of my coping mechanisms. I ate more desserts and stressed less about my waistline. I wore crop tops. And bikinis. I became a regular at a dive bar and was happy about it.

I went to concerts. I bought lipstick in every shade that exists and wore them. I reconnected with long-lost friends. I took AN ENTIRE WEEK off from work to go to Cape Cod. I locked down my man- the man who will be weird as hell right by my side forever. I realized that building people up is rewarding as it is necessary to survival. And that you don’t need to put yourself out there for someone who refuses to make an effort. No matter who they are.

I took a HUGE leap of faith and left a job where I was comfortable . When I say huge, I mean like – 50% pay cut, totally different career path – huge. And I haven’t regretted it once. Not for one second. I left a work family behind but ditched my imposter syndrome along the way. I realized that I ain’t no fraud.

I blogged personally more than ever and contributed to The Enfield Patch, The Cubicle Chronicles OnMogul, Elite Daily and Twenty Something Meltdown. I wrote the blogs for Dymotek and now for Beauty Entourage.  I was even invited to contribute to the HuffPost Blog (which I remind everyone IS NOT NEWS). Mark my words, 2017 I will go viral!

I grew. Exponentially. And most importantly, I am happy. My soul is happy.

I made some decisions and I made some moves. With those moves, comes a new home for my thoughts. Welcome to Chaos in Combat Boots. This Life I’m Living had a good run and holds a lot of my memories and feelings in it. It will forever exist, but I will no longer write there. Stay tuned, because this is the real deal. Where the rubber meets the road. Welcome to the real, raw, unapologetic and dope-as-shit Alyssa show.

I am excited for 2017 just like the rest of us. It’s my thirtieth chance. Who says there is no such thing as second chances? You get a new one every 365 days. And this is the first year that I am ready to grab that chance by its throat and drag it around like my bitch. I’m gonna awkward dance my white ass RIGHT THROUGH 2017.
And to anyone who stumbles across this and feels the need to tear it down rather than build it up- Please, by all means, roast away. Put me in your group chats.  Keep my name in your mouth. I’ll thank you later.

So here’s to 2017! Make it your bitch or get out my way!

Till next time: keep on, babes.


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