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Time to Grow

Hello. Hi there! Nice to see you! How did you find me? Did anybody follow you?

I am new here- as you can probably tell. We are approaching a New Year and I think I may be ready. Ready to make this thing real. I have to be, since I am here now.  I’ve kissed Tumblr goodbye (it was fun) and have joined the WordPress world. Time to grow.

There is a lot to do here before I share with the world. Pictures to take, bios to write, and a world of techy things to make sense of (WTF is a slug?). So if you’ve stumbled across this, keep it our little secret for now. Someday when I am famous you can tell people all about this post that you found while trolling the internet late that night. I can be your Fall Out Boy.

Stay tuned and stay with me. I will go live in 2017. And I will be worth it!

Until next time- Keep on, babes.

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