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I’m sitting in my bed with my legs crossed, and if you catch me at the right moment, my head is sunk into my hands. I always sit with my legs crossed, even though my hips can’t handle it. 5 minutes of cross-legged sitting and it takes me at least 20 steps to work out… Continue reading Wordless.


My Cover Letter

Dear Hiring Manager, My name is Alyssa Tinnirella and I am an intelligent college graduate with a good head on my shoulders. Outside of spending 8 years in customer facing roles and perfecting all those important business skills, I also own a house, I manage my finances and I have succeeded in keeping my cat… Continue reading My Cover Letter

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The OG Pixie Cut

and I sat in the chair filled with excitement and nerves. Anxious to see what kind of kick-ass human this new hair would turn me into. I assumed probably the type where people went up to her in the halls to tell her how cool she was and then went home to ask their moms for hair like mine. Or at least the kind of girl who wears her hair down.

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First Date

I am on a first-ever coffee date with myself right now. Yes, Alyssa Cann…Tinnirella (still weird) is sitting in Baker and The Brew, with four chairs, and only one occupied. For those of you who know me, this will likely come as a shock. I don't do ANYTHING by myself (anxiety is a real bummer).… Continue reading First Date

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Aly Tinn Things | The Finger Gun “I Love You”

Usually (more often than not) am not a sentimental person. I have said "I love you" a hand full of times and most of them were to my pets or breakfast burritos. I love you's are often met with no response from me. A nod. A weird grumble. An awkward smile. A mumbled, "you too."… Continue reading Aly Tinn Things | The Finger Gun “I Love You”